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PaperWork in Family Law Custody Battles

Based on where you are in the United States, you will need to fill out many forms of paperwork to file for custody of your child or children. In Phoenix, AZ, you will need two to three copies of each form of paperwork to give to different people in the courts and for the other parent to sign, as well. If you need help knowing which paperwork to fill out, contact an experienced and professional family law attorney, like Cosmas Onyia, to help you get all your documents together.

Filing Your Paperwork in Family Law Custody Battles

After getting all your paperwork signed and established, the next step in submitting for custody is to file your paperwork. You must take all your paperwork with you. Taking all your paperwork with you will ensure that you get the proper stamping from the courts on all documents. Once documents have been stamped, make sure to receive copies for you and the other parent, as well.