Working Through Complex Divorce Scenarios

Filing divorce in Arizona can be very frustrating and complicated. Emotions can be heightened as a relationship comes to a bitter end. This situation often involves children, property, assets, and personal interests. In any event, a divorce situation is much of a negotiation, so there is never really a clear cut winner despite what most people think when considering divorce and hiring Phoenix divorce attorneys.

The most complicated situation when it comes to Arizona divorce is child custody. The reason this poses many complications for both parties is because regardless of their circumstances, both parties lose here. They will both have to give up a portion of their time with their kids. They will both sacrifice holiday time, visitation, and everyday life with their kids. One party will have them one week, the other the next, or depending on your Phoenix divorce attorney, one party will have them on weekends and so forth. For any parent, missing out on important time with one’s children is difficult.

In a divorce scenario where there are property and assets that must be divided, it can create a scenario where both parties will have to come to some sort of agreement or risk a judge making this decision in court on their behalf if mediation is unsuccessful. This can truly bring out the ugly side of an individual, especially when the effort was collective in building up assets and property together. A good Phoenix family law and divorce lawyer can be a very good person to have on your side in this event.

Child support and alimony, also known as spousal support can make things difficult in any divorce case in Arizona. Divorce scenarios involving these types of issues can create stress, friction, and overall discontent towards the other party. The best way to approach a succesful negotiation is to talk with your Phoenix divorce attorney and lay out what you want out of the divorce. The next step is to come together and discuss these items with the other party by way of mediation. It is always best to work through these details amicably for the best results.