Arizona Family Law, Kids and Divorce

Child Custody - Relocating & Visitation

Let’s face it, filing divorce is no fun and nobody in their right mind looks forward to this life changing event. There are many complex issues that many couples must face during the Arizona divorce process, but a Phoenix divorce attorney can help alleviate some of the weight. There are many different items that separating spouses must tackle before they are able to both agree to the terms of their divorce, especially in a case that is challenged by one side or another.

Property and assets are usually a very big deal especially when a divorcing couple has built up 401k plans, liquid assets, stocks, bonds, multiple properties, businesses, etc. These type of financially tied investments and assets can be painful to split or lose depending on the circumstances of your Arizona divorce. In order to best protect your interests, these things should be put on the table when ou first meet with your Phoenix divorce attorney so a solid plan can be put together. In a divorce with these types of assets, a negotiation or mediation must take place like it or not. If not, it’s not a good idea to put it in the hands of the discretion of the court. It’s best to talk about these things and hash them out prior.

Divorce mediation can take hours but if done right can be done amicably. Other important issues that are discussed in a divorce mediation are things such as spousal maintenance. This can be an issue when you have a spouse who does not have the financial means to care for themselves and /or the children. Other common issues that require divorce mediation include child custody, child visitation and child support. Child custody and child support are just as emotionally charged as property and asset division issues. Hiring the right Phoenix divorce attorney can truly make a difference in your case in all areas.