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Child Custody

One of the most emotional issues of divorce is child custody of minor children. Ex-spouses and separated spouses cannot work out Arizona child custody amicably in every case without help. Rather than move to an aggressive court battle over Arizona child custody, clients in the Phoenix, AZ, region call for legal assistance from Attorney Cosmas Onyia. Cosmas Onyia, P.C. Working with parents to resolve Arizona child custody and other Phoenix family law issues is the focus of much of the work done at the law office of Cosmas Onyia. Keeping the best interests of the child can become lost in the fray without an experienced Family Law Attorney by your side. Our job is to keep you on track to resolving difficult and contentious issues that involve the proper care of your minor children. We use mediation as a cost-effective way to solve child custody matters. It is preferable to spending a longer time and more money in a drawn-out court battle that could harm everyone. Phoenix Family Law Attorney Matters of child custody involve many concerns, including what will most benefit the minor children. Care must be taken to provide a stable environment for the child, with ample visitation with the non-custodial spouse, provided there are no issues of abuse or endangerment with that spouse. Visitation is another aspect of child custody that can involve more than just parents. Grandparents have rights too, and we have also helped many families come together around visitation and support matters in the best interest of the children.

Other Child Custody Issues

There are many aspects to custody of minor children besides physical or legal custody. In addition to that important issue and visitation rights, we help client deal with matters like relocation and orders of protection. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child; in most divorces, it takes a good lawyer to protect your interests as well as those of minor children. Whenever money is at stake, parents can easily become bogged down in details. Our job is to help you see through and get past the confusing problems and work out a good plan to care for your children, while still protecting your rights as a parent. If we need to do an investigation of home premises, consider it done fairly by Attorney Cosmas Onyia. If you have difficulty locating or getting full disclosure of your ex-spouses finances in order to properly determine child support payments for the custodial parent, we have resources to explore that issue. Getting a divorce is tough, but watching your minor children suffer needlessly is worse. Get legal representation you can count on at the law office of Cosmas Onyia, Phoenix, AZ today. Call for an appointment to discuss your case and start to move forward positively again. Call us now, at (602) 265-5200.

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