Child Relocation Challenges

All Parents Should Understand About Arizona Child Support

In many cases after the dust has settled and each individual has moved on with their lives from filing divorce, there are potential issues down the road if children are involved. One of these very common issues is relocating out of state with a child. Now there are different factors that can determine the outcome of this situation, for example who has sole custody, joint custody, physical custody, etc.

This type of request can occur if a parent gets a new job promotion and must relocate, or for other reasons this can occur with a new lifestyle change, a new marriage and/or spouse. This can be an event that triggers a new court battle, and if so it is important to retain a Phoenix family law attorney who is experienced in dealing with these types of complicated and delicate situations.

If this situation comes up and you don’t know how to approach this from either side of the fence, you should contact an experienced Arizona family law attorney who has been there before that can provide you with a thorough explanation of what your next legal steps should be.