Military Divorce Attorney Phoenix AZ

Divorce is unsettling and often a drawn-out process. There are so many emotions running high on both sides and legal matters to take care of. Understanding what you need to do to see this all the way through can save you time, money, and heartache in the long term. Proceedings vary from state to state, and divorce law can be more complex for military families. If you or a loved one is going through a military divorce, contacting your local Arizona military divorce attorney is an excellent first step to discuss your case with an expert and determine your next steps.military personnel in US forms

Military Spouse in Phoenix

In most states, family courts handle cases regarding child and spousal support, property division, and other types of cases. Navigating family legal matters in Arizona without the help of an expert in family and divorce law hurts the chances of your case. Call someone experienced in military divorce law like Attorney Cosmas Onyia, P.C. for guidance in these kinds of matters and support in your time of need. 

Divorce Process Between Military Spouses

In a brief conversation, most attorneys can tell you how they can help you and what the next steps in your particular case may be. For example, the divorce might take longer if one of the spouses is on active duty in a remote area or has a permanent position overseas. Many acts and organizations provide information on federal and state statutes addressing military divorce issues: military retirement pension, spousal and child support, and so forth. There are different protections provided for active-duty military members and their spouses during these trying times. Reach out to one of your local experienced divorce attorneys for help determining how to plan and move forward in this situation. 

Pension for Military Service Members

Filing for divorce costs valuable time and money, especially if a spouse wants to dispute or contest certain aspects of the agreement. That dispute may bring additional unnecessary stress, increase costs, and drag out the timeline. This is why in most cases, you must speak to a lawyer in Arizona about how they can help you get through this process. 

Federal laws are protecting each spouse in the event of a military divorce. However, if you file in a state that is not the military member’s state of residence, the court might not be able to split the pension. In some states, family law might affect what happens to the military pension itself under certain conditions. These issues are very serious and require consultation from an expert familiar with the divorce process between a military member and their spouse.

Phoenix Military Divorce Attorney

Military service member divorce cases can be very stressful and overwhelming for all involved. Deciding to separate and then end a marriage permanently is highly sensitive and delicate, especially when children, property, or money are involved. Attorney Cosmas Onyia, P.C. is an expert in family law as it pertains to military families. He will represent you in your divorce case, inform you of your legal rights and advise you on how the law affects you and how it could benefit you—experience dealing with this kind of law and a compassionate approach do matter. 

If you need a seasoned expert in these legal matters and want to discuss options for your case, call divorce Attorney Cosmas Onyia, P.C. With 20 years of experience of handling family law issues in Phoenix, AZ, he has worked alongside military service members and their spouses to protect their family’s best interest.