How Filing Divorce Effects Children

Effects of Divorce on Children

We as adults love to think that divorce does not have an effect or long-term impact on our children, but the reality is that divorce can indeed have a direct effect on your children’s future. The Phoenix family law attorney can help you discover ways to help you and your children remain a family during and after divorce. What occurs after the divorce is what scares children the most. Everything from the level of conflict between parents to the manner of which parenting they should follow as a result of the divorce. One parent may become extremely strict with their children, while the other tries to be their new best friend. Of course, not all children are directly affected by their parents’ divorce but there are many examples that have proven long-term negative results for children with divorced parents.

Level of Conflict between Parents

One of the most important factors that affect a child’s adjustment to divorce is the amount of time parents spend arguing with each other. Far too often, children see their parents fight constantly. As a result this can make custody battles a difficult experience, which makes any future adjustment far too irreparable. However, it is helpful for children to know and see firsthand when their parents are cooperating and communicating respectfully.

How Parents and Children Can Adjust During Divorce

It is difficult to predict how children will react to the new living situation after divorce, but it is important for both parents and children to avoid allowing conflicts from harming anyone during the divorce process. The most important things that parents can do to help kids through this difficult time include:

  • Keeping visible conflicts, heated arguments and legal discussions away from the children.
  • Reduce interruptions from a child’s daily routine.
  • Never blame your spouse or place negativity on each other while with your child.
  • Ensure that both parents are involved in children’s lives.

Age and Development Level of Children

Many parents want to know whether children react better or worse to divorce at different age levels. Unfortunately there is no definite age level that determines how well a child will handle divorce. However, it is a fact that no matter what the age, most children are angry about the separation of their parents. Some of the age groups and development issues that they may encounter are:

  • Early Childhood: Temper tantrums
  • Pre-Teens: Aggression during play/games/fantasies
  • Adolescents: Difficulty in establishing relationships

Children’s Ability to Cope with Stress

Children react to the same situation in different ways, but all of them respond to divorce in some manner. It is important that parents pay attention to the clues that their children send off during the time of separation and divorce. Some children respond to stressful situations easily, while others may show:

  • Anger
  • Excessive emotion
  • Less talking
  • Depression
  • Poor behavior at home/school/public outings

Our Divorce Attorney Can Help You Build a Solid Foundation for Your Children

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