Other Phoenix Family Law Issues

Other Types of Family Law Issues 

Spousal Maintenance / Alimony
Another type of legal issue a Phoenix family lawyer will handle is spousal maintenance or alimony. This type of scenario occurs when a spouse who most often is unemployed primarily due to the fact that the other spouse has been the financial provider throughout the marriage. This means that the spouse providing financial support throughout the marriage must pay a monthly alimony or spousal maintenance fee to the spouse he or she is divorcing because filing divorce will leave the individual without any means of financial stability because of the fact they will have a large financial impact in their life due to filing divorce. There are many specifics to this scenario.

Asset or Property Division
In many divorce cases, this is where the negotiations can be turned up so to speak when dealing with the division of property and financials. It is up to both the attorneys on both sides and the individuals to find a mutual agreement through mediation sessions and must divide assets according to the law regarding divorce and property division.  A good Phoenix family lawyer has a good understanding of how these laws work.

Prenuptial Agreements
Prenuptial agreements drawn up by a Phoenix family lawyer usually happen prior to a marriage to avoid the hard fought negotiations when it comes to property and asset division. This usually makes a divorce case in the event it happens,  go a lot smoother.

Annulment is simply a type of case most Phoenix family lawyers can handle that  involves the legal process of voiding a marriage so to speak, there are many strict guidelines in place that a Phoenix Family Lawyer must be aware of when handling an annulment.

Grandparents Rights
Not all attorney handle Grandparents rights, they can be challenging so one must make certain to hire an experienced Phoenix family lawyer that handles these types of cases.  These types of cases occur when grandparents know their rights to visitation of their grandchildren and for some reason or another have not been able to see their grandchildren due to parental interference.

This is also another type of case not all attorneys will handle in family law. One usually must call around to find a Phoenix family lawyer that does handle adoption cases. Adoption cases involve thorough paperwork, background checks, fingerprinting, interviews, and can take a while prior to actually adopting a child.