4th of July and Other Family Holiday Time -Phoenix Child Custody Issues

The 4th of July, like today and many American holidays that quality time with family and our loved ones are important days to spend together, especially with one’s children, make the most memorable events in a person’s life. In the event that two parents are divorced and share custodial duties, this can be a difficult time to spend without one’s children.
In any Phoenix child custody case, there will be give and take. Sometimes that give and take involvs rotating holidays, giving up time with your child or children in order to honor your child custody and co -parenting agreement so that your former spouse may spend adequate time with the kids as well. In Phoenix child custody cases, your Phoenix Child Custody Lawyer can do as much as he or she can in order to get you the better end of the stick conerning time with your children, but ultimately, the court will always rule on what is best for the kids and not what is best for the parents involved.
In the event of sole custody, meaning that one parent has sole responsibility and custodial rights to one or more children, the other parent may have child visitation rights. This is a much different scenario because visitation is not the same thing as having custodial rights. They are just rights to visit with the children and there is no set in stone requirement as to when that can occur. This means that the parent with sole custody can act as they wish when deciding when and where the kids can visit with the other parent, and holidays are included in that mix.
Holidays like today are family days, but if you are thinking about filing for divorce, and you have children, you may want to contact a Phoenix family law attorney for help. Experienced family lawyers can provide insight into what scenarios you may be faced with concerning your situation.