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You need an experienced domestic violence attorney who genuinely cares about you and the issues you are currently going through. Here at Law Office of Cosmas Onyia, we are knowledgeable on the laws and the processes of domestic violence law and stand confident that we can provide just representation.  At Law Office of Cosmas Onyia, we have many years of combined criminal defense experience dealing, daily, with local judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement entities.

If there is one thing to avoid regarding your domestic violence matter, it is to realize that you should have found better legal help in Mesa area courts. Law Office of Cosmas Onyia can help you create a strong defense in hopes of improving your chances at a successful outcome to your domestic violence case.

At Law Office of Cosmas Onyia, we feel obligated to defend Mesa area clients in domestic violence cases. We know everyone makes mistakes, and in our many years of helping clients, we have been able to successfully assist several of them recover from these cases.

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domestic violence matters can be overwhelming and downright terrifying. Do not face them alone, but call us at Law Office of Cosmas Onyia, (602) 265-8133. With many years of representing the Mesa area, we have the experience necessary to help bring you justice. Call us at (602) 265-8133 for proper help today.

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