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Division of Debts

With a few exceptions, during a Phoenix divorce, division of debts occurs equally between the ex-spouses. It is wise to seek legal representation from Phoenix Family Law Attorney  Cosmas Onyia if you are seeking a divorce and want fairness and justice to prevail in the outcome. As a community property state, most marital property is viewed by the courts as being owned equally by both spouses. There are a few exceptions, such as certain gifts or inheritances.

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During his lengthy career in Family Law, Attorney Cosmas Onyia has helped hundreds of clients get through troublesome times and disagreements about divorce matters, such as the division of debt. At the law firm of Cosmas Onyia, P.C., Phoenix, AZ, clients are kept informed about all matters that apply to their legal case. During a divorce or separation, many people are unable to agree upon division of property and debts. The court view is that all debts also are joint property, no matter who actually was making the payments or using the property.

Items that are considered Community Property can include the following:

  • Real Property
  • Personal Property
  • Investents – money, stocks, bonds, profit-sharing or pension plans and IRAs

Even if one spouse was not working during the marriage, the property elements are considered to be jointly owned. The same applies to debts incurred during the marriage.

Phoenix Family Law Attorney

In his work as a Phoenix Family Law Attorney, Cosmas Onyia has helped clients work out equitable property and debt division plans, through mediation and in the courtroom. If the case does proceed to court, the judge will make the final decisions, but having excellent legal representation by Cosmas Onyia will help you with your goals to get fairness and equitable property and debt decisions.

In general, property brought into the marriage, gifts to the individual and inheritances are not considered to be community property. There are some exceptions, however, such as when community funds were used by the spouse to continue to make payments on the property. In that case, the judge may determine that to be included in community property because it was “co-mingled” by that spouse.

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Cosmas Onyia is a compassionate and dedicated attorney who focuses on Family Law matters. He works with clients statewide in Arizona, and is familiar with the state divorce courts and laws. His clients benefit from here experience and excellent professional skills for problem solving. Mediation can avoid lengthy and expensive court procedures, and he has an excellent storehouse of legal knowledge to help you reach your goals during divorce or separation.

Fairness in division of debt is essential to your financial future. Get experienced Family Law legal representation from the law firm of Cosmas Onyia, P.C., Phoenix, AZ. Call for your consultation now, at (602) 265-5200.

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