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Grandparents Rights

In 1983, Arizona state laws were amended by ARS §25-409 to include legal visitation rights for grandparents and great-grandparents. Again, the best interests of the child are still the basis for decisions on visitation, custody and adoption. Certain qualifications must be met, so if you are a grandparent or great-grandparent seeking legal visitation rights, contact the Phoenix, AZ, law office of Cosmas Onyia to determine what your legal rights actually are in your individual case.

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Grandparents work with the law firm of Cosmas Onyia, P.C., to protect their rights and that of their grandchildren to have a relationship. Many parents restrict visitation for reasons the court would find unacceptable. Attorney Cosmas Onyia has helped numerous grandparents get legal visitation rights during his legal career. He welcomes challenges and is an aggressive advocate for his clients in mediation and in the courtrooms of Arizona.

The best interest of a minor child always includes making sure that the child will have their physical and financial needs met. In the case of Grandparents’ Rights in Arizona, a fight for custody must meet these tests:

  • Grandparent must stand in loco parentis, providing all/some care of the child
  • Remaining in parent custody must be detrimental to that child’s best interests
  • Legal parents must be getting a divorce or separation, be never or one parent deceased

To gain visitation rights, the grandparent must establish one of the following:

  • Parents are divorced 3 months and the grandparent is parent of the non-custodial parent
  • One of the child’s parents is missing or deceased
  • Paents of the child were never married

In addition to the above, the court will consider the history of the child/grandparent relationship, motivation of both the grandparent and parent, how visitation will impact the child’s life, and how the visitation will benefit the child when one or both parents are deceased.

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Work with our Phoenix Family Law Attorney Cosmas Onyia when any visitation or grandparents’ rights issue is a concern. Ms. Onyia has devoted his legal career to helping families deal with issues that impact the entire family group, especially with divorce, separation and child custody/support matters.

Many grandparents today step in to fill a void in parental care because it is in the best interests of their grandchild. Grandparents are better established financially and able to meet basic needs of their grandchild that can parents, especially if one parent is missing or deceased. They love their grandchildren and want to participate in their lives; Arizona law agrees with this in providing grandparents’ rights for visitation, custody and adoption.

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