Thanksgiving, Family and Divorce

Thanksgiving is a time for family, fun, appreciation for what one has, and to give thanks. Many divorced couples must share time with their former spouse when it comes to their children. Visitation time with young ones creates some of life’s most precious moments. Filing divorce only complicates these situations for many families, especially for the children who are involved.

For some, Thanksgiving is a day that isn’t filled with so much joy due to the lack of the entire family coming together. It may feel like there is a huge void due to the absence of the ones you hold most dear, but you must remember you and your spouse are not together for the better and deciding to separate was the best decision for the both of you as well as the children. Divorce in Arizona is  just as difficult to deal with just as it is in any part of the country.

If you are in a position where filing divorce is a serious option, it is important to sit down with your spouse and weigh the pros and cons. Seeking counseling is always a good option for married couples going through complicated scenarios in their marriage. If there are children involved, family counseling can be a reliable source for dealing with emotional and mental issues for all. There may be problems that can be solved through counseling. If you have already spoken with a few Phoenix divorce attorneys, prior to a counselor, your mind is almost made up.

In a divorce, not even an experienced Phoenix divorce attorney can help you make  up for lost time with loved ones due to visitation agreements set forth in court. When a couple files for divorce, when it comes to child custody, visitation, property and asset division, nobody comes out the clear winner, there will always be some negotiation for both parties. Divorce can be complicated, we always ask our clients if they are sure this is the right decision prior to moving forward with the legal process of Arizona divorce.