The Purpose of Arizona Divorce Mediation

There are several reasons as to why divorcing spouses should go through the divorce mediation process when filing divorce in Arizona. Any good Phoenix divorce attorney would recommend to their clients that they go through with a divorce mediation with their soon to be former spouse. A divorce mediation usually includes both spouses and their respective attorneys as well as a 3rd party divorce mediator. The purpose of the divorce mediation is to settle all issues both financial and personal prior to heading to going to the courtroom.

If a divorce mediation effort fails, then it will be up to the court as to how they will rule in the best interest of the children, if any are involved, and how any assets and debts will be divided. Although many isses concerning a contested divorce are difficult and challenging, it is a great idea to have those things agreed upon rather than to let the court decide. A divorce mediation is essentially at its core a meeting of the minds to come to a mutual understanding, a negotiation opportunity between both parties.

In a divorce mediation, there are many different subjects that both parties must come to a common arrangement on such as the following:

Division of Property
Division of Debts
– Division of Assets
Spousal Support (if applicable)
Child Support (if applicable)
Child Custody (if applicable)
– Parenting arrangement
Child visitation
– Wills and Trusts (if applicable)

These items are simply just a few hot topics that are commonly discussed at divorce mediations. Phoenix divorce attorneys typically advise their clients to set up a divorce mediation with the other party so that they can make thier divorce process a little bit easier prior to finalizing their paperwork in court. Most Phoenix divorce attorneys are able to accomplish a mutual understanding and agreement during the mediation process in most cases.