Why Hire A Phoenix Divorce Lawyer?

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There are plenty of reasons why you should consider retaining an experienced Phoenix divorce lawyer in Arizona for your divorce case. There are many different issues that arise in any divorce case especially when children are involved, and assets as well as debts are to be divided amongst two individuals who have decided to permanently separate. These issues can complicate a divorce and turn into a heated battle. You will need someone to protect your interests.

If you have assets such as a built up 401k, IRA accounts, stocks, bonds, and dollars in your savings and/or checking account that you have worked extremely hard for your entire career, you should consider retaining a Phoenix divorce lawyer. An experienced Phoenix divorce lawyer can review your case, documentation, and supporting factors as to fight for your best interests. They will decide the best way to approach the matter and diligently work on your behalf to protect your assets and your interests. It is important to note that in a divorce, it’s a matter of negotiation, and not everyone truly gets everything they desire. There will be some give and take.

The job of your Phoenix divorce lawyer is to state your case and validate solid ground as to why you are entitled to keep what you have based on factual data and evidence. There job is to protect your financial interests and present to the judge why you are entitled to keep the specific percentage of your assets you are requesting. Ultimately if negotiation efforts fail, the decision falls into the hands of the courts.

In the event there are children involved in your Arizona divorce, you may need the assistance of a Phoenix divorce lawyer who can properly represent you, your point of view, and help strengthen your case to protect your child custody rights. It is the job of your Phoenix divorce lawyer to argue your position and present factual evidence that support your position. If you have questions regarding child custody or an Arizona divorce involving children, debt and asset division, consult with your Phoenix divorce lawyer today.

Why Choose Cosmas Onyia, P.C. for Your Divorce in Phoenix

Experience in Arizona community property laws

Most things you and your spouse acquired during your marriage are considered “community property”, i.e., you both own them 50-50. But Arizona law also allows for “separate property.” The lines between community and separate property can be blurred and that is where our knowledge and experience can be invaluable. Attorney Cosmas Onyia will account for all factors to achieve a favorable property division while ensuring accurate asset and debt valuation, and accounting for potential tax implications. 

Custody and support strategies to protect your child’s best interests

In Arizona, child custody and visitation are determined by what is in the “best interest of the child.” Calculating child support payments can also be tricky. Decisions become more complicated if your child has special needs that require extra expenses, if your work schedule is unconventional, or if you are worried about your child’s safety during visits to the other parent. We can help you draft a parenting plan that addresses all these concerns and build a case solid enough to get you the best possible arrangements.

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Our proven record and reputation put you at an advantage

Family law attorney Cosmas Onyia has been practicing law in Arizona for over 25 years. That counts for a lot, especially in Maricopa County where relationships with fellow lawyers and courtroom reputations matter.

With our legal team on your side, you will have the home-field advantage. When Cosmas Onyia walks into a courtroom, the trust and respect he has earned over the decades precedes him. Judges are more likely to give weight to his arguments, simply because they know he is a seasoned professional with the highest level of credibility and a deep knowledge of Arizona divorce and family law.

Our commitment extends to negotiations outside the courtroom. Whether it is hammering out alimony details, dividing assets, or settling child custody and support, we gain negotiating leverage backed by our evidence, arguments, and established track record.Schedule your free consultation by calling us at 602-265-5200 or contact us online.