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There can be many different causes for divorce in Arizona. Our Phoenix divorce attorneys have handled hundreds of divorce cases which are caused for many different issues. In this article, we will review some of the top reasons for individuals in Arizona filing divorce. You may be surprised, however there are always common issues in marital relationships that cause a Phoenix divorce. Here are some of the reasons our Phoenix divorce attorneys find that many people file divorce in Arizona:

Money Issues
Believe it or not, many couples part ways and file divorce in Arizona due to money problems. These can range from filing bankruptcy, mishandled finances, or various issues involving the management of finances. Typically, the number one reason for individuals filing bankruptcy is due to divorce. It seems that these two things go hand in hand.

Yes, this is also very common for couples filing divorce in Arizona. Our Phoenix divorce attorneys have found that many divorce cases come about as a direct result of one or both spouses being unfaithful motivating them to have extramarital affairs.

Age Differences
Often times older women and older men decide to marry younger people. Although there are many of these types of relationships that do last, many end up in divorce for obvious reasons. These are usually 2nd or 3rd marriages.

In many instances, a couple will divorce over an incarceration. This happens because the persona that is not incarcerated feels lonely, has no partner to come home to, and really is alone on the outside according to many Phoenix divorce attorneys information.

This information is based solely on our experience as Phoenix divorce attorneys in the Phoenix Area. These just happen to be the scenarios that our law firm and our colleagues who are also Phoenix divorce attorneys have seen in our recent cases. Hopefully this article can shed some light on the subject as to why many people in Arizona file divorce.